Support Our Moms and Babies

Our commitment to our patients means every patient receives what they need to stay healthy, regardless of their ability to pay. When women give birth at University Hospital, our team provides moms with essential items to ensure their babies stay happy and healthy at home, including costly electric breast pumps for those who can’t afford one. Right now, we have only 8 electric breast pumps left.

We encourage new moms that can breastfeed to do so because of the enormous benefits it provides in strengthening the baby’s immune system – especially for our NICU babies – and deepening the bond between moms & their new babies. Plus, it’s affordable and nutritious. The breast pumps we provide our patients allow them the flexibility and freedom to practice self-care and return to work when necessary.

Your gift ensures we can continue throughout the year to give new moms everything they need to care for their babies.

University Hospital Obstetrics At-A-Glance

  • 1261 baby deliveries in 2021
  • 44% of OB patients are uninsured and/or underinsured with 555 patients giving birth
  • 774 or 61% of patients had Medicaid which does not cover breast feeding costs
  • Approximately 655 (52%) patients giving birth don’t have financial aid for breastfeeding

Support Our Moms & Babies

Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

Send our babies home with everything they need to get them through their first few months.

Give an electric breast pump to a new mom.

Good nutrition in the first few months are critical to a baby’s health. Your gift ensures our babies are given a healthy start.

Give a mom one month’s supply of nursing pads.