Doctors’ Day at University Hospital

On Doctors’ Day we celebrate the extraordinary dedication and compassion of healthcare professionals worldwide. Amid crises and everyday challenges, doctors stand as beacons of hope, dedication, and expertise. We are highlighting just a few of the remarkable doctors of University Hospital whose unwavering dedication and compassion have touched countless lives. You can join us in commemorating their extraordinary efforts by making a donation in honor of Doctors’ Day.

Erin Muckey, MD, MBA

Erin Muckey, MD, MBA, serves as Associate Chief Medical Officer at University Hospital, Medical Director of the Emergency Department, and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Rutgers-NJMS. Her experience as a dedicated leader in departmental and hospital operations, with continuous quality and process improvement, paves the way in her commitment to addressing unmet healthcare needs in the community. Since arriving at University Hospital in 2019, she has led numerous collaborative improvement projects including those aimed at improving maternal health outcomes, advancing stroke care, enhancing processes for trauma care, and streamlining the management of behavioral health patients.

While I truly enjoy the challenges and demands of caring for critical patients in our fast-paced emergency department, what I find most rewarding about my job is the opportunity to promote health equity by ensuring that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or access to resources, receives timely and quality healthcare.”

Dr. Muckey is recognized nationally for her clinical expertise and is an active member of American College of Emergency Physician’s (ACEP). She is a director and faculty member of (ACEP) ED Directors Academy Phase II and sits on the Quality and Patient Safety and as well as Health Innovation Technology Committees. In 2023, she received the Rutgers Chancellor Excellence in Clinical or Healthcare Delivery Award.

Doctors’ Day is a time for us to recognize doctors making a difference and we are proud to spotlight Dr. Erin Muckey and her extraordinary service in healthcare, and fortunate to have her guidance and expertise here at University Hospital. You can support Dr. Muckey and her colleagues by donating this month in honor of Doctors’ Day.

Damali Campbell, MD

Dr. Damali Campbell is an OB/GYN at University Hospital and Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Health at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. She is dedicated to improving women’s healthcare in underserved areas and broadening women’s health education. She has spearheaded several programs that are focused on women’s community health including improving pregnancy nutrition at UH and implementing Centering Pregnancy: a pre-natal care group. She is constantly amazed at the level of connections made in group care and how it shows we are all connected and have more similarities than differences.

Dr. Campbell’s advocacy expands beyond University Hospital. Since 2007, she has been a committee member of the NJ Maternal Mortality Review Committee, a volunteer multidisciplinary peer-review group that investigates deaths within 365 days of a pregnancy regardless of location. Dr. Campbell also participated in NJ First Lady Tammy Murphy’s maternal health initiative, Nurture New Jersey Summit, and spoke at the US Surgeon General’s listening tour on maternal mortality.

“I wake up most mornings thinking: what new ideas and projects can I bring to the people I serve? I feel blessed to work in a place where they embrace, support, and add to the ideas and innovation that swirl around in my head. I am most proud when a patient expresses gratitude for the time I took to explain something or the time I took to listen to them.”

Doctors’ Day is an important time to recognize doctors improving healthcare, and we are proud to highlight Dr. Damali Campbell’s incredible devotion to her patients.

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