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University Hospital Endowment Fund
If you are interested in helping shape the future of healthcare at University Hospital, consider establishing an Endowment.  A cash or stock contribution of $25,000 or more to The Foundation for University Hospital can establish an endowment and guarantee future funds for the program most important to you at University Hospital.  Annual income from your endowment will fund the program you select.  You can choose if you want your endowment to be known by your name, or the name of a doctor you wish to honor, or the name of a loved one whom you choose to memorialize. 

Endowments are permanent funds in which the principal is held and only the investment income is paid out annually.  Endowment gifts provide long-term sources of funding for University Hospital because they support initiatives not just for one year, or even one generation, but in perpetuity.  Endowment funds are invested prudently to ensure they can sustain current and future needs. 

Benefits of Establishing an Endowment
Serves as a permanent named tribute
Provides for future generations
Provides lasting stability for University Hospital faculty, resident, and student support. 

Endowment Support Areas
Medical Staff Education
Nursing Education
Community Outreach

If you are interested in learning more about endowment giving at The Foundation for University Hospital, please call the Foundation office directly at (973) 972-1873 or email us at

The Foundation for University Hospital is a 501(c)(3) organization; your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.